City Wins Adopt-A-Drain Challenge!

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City Wins Adopt-A-Drain Challenge!

Congratulations to Columbia Heights and its residents on winning the 2022 Community Adopt-a-Drain Challenge. This is the second-straight award for the City. The City beat Andover, Fridley, and Blaine with its total number of adopted drains and reported cleanings. The competition lasted from March to October 2022.  A big thank you to all those who adopted and cleaned their drains this year through Adopt-a-Drain MN. All your hard work really adds up to help protect our waters!

Debris removal from storm drains is especially important in the fall. Fallen leaves contain nutrients that fuel algae growth and can lead to algal blooms the next summer. Removing leaves from drains keeps our waters healthy. It can also lead to less street flooding in the fall and winter.

Columbia Heights in 2022 (March to October)

  • 66 new adopted drains
  • 16 new adopters
  • 421 reported cleanings
  • 2032 pounds of debris collected (self-reported by adopters)
  • 3923 minutes, or over 65 hours, spent cleaning (self-reported by adopters)

The 2023 Community Adopt-a-Drain Challenge is now underway. You can adopt a drain or report a cleaning through