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Residential Resources

Resident Welcome Packet
Find out more about the City of Columbia Heights with this informational overview of the City for residents.

Anoka County Assistance

Learn about the ways in which Anoka County may be able to assist you with a Home Rehabilitation or Improvement Loan for qualified homeowners to make health, safety, and livability repairs.

Fair Housing Policy

Federal Fair Housing laws protect individuals from discrimination and promote equal access to rental housing and homeownership opportunities for virtually all housing in the country. The City of Columbia Heights is committed to fair housing and has developed a policy to further that goal.

Lawns and Gardens
Get info on local garden plots, tips for pollinator landscaping, lawn management and more. 

get your Columbia heights library card
Apply for a library card and find out about library resources.

Learn more about how the Home Energy Squad can help you save money on your energy bills.

Minnesota Homeownership Center
Discover the continuum of services and resources available through the Minnesota Homeownership Center, and obtain the unbiased information you may need in all aspects of homeownership and foreclosure prevention. Contact the Minnesota Homeownership Center to learn more today!

Minnesota Housing Finance Agency (MHFA)
Find out what programs and opportunities are available through the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency for you to be able to buy a home, but also to become a successful homeowner.

You can now pay your utility bill online.

Property Appraisal Schedule: 5-Year Quintile Map
As part of the appraisal process, all properties are re-valued annually based on the information on record. Properties are physically inspected and property records reviewed once every 5 years (as statutorily required). This is an ongoing process whereby 20% (referred to as quintile) of a city is inspected each year so that in a cycle of 5 years all properties have been inspected at least once. In addition to this quintile review, properties are also inspected when there is a building permit issued or at the request of the property owner. The sale of a property does not initiate a reassessment. The map at the above link depicts the residential quintile plan for the next 5 years. Affected properties will receive a mailed notification before the appraiser arrives.

Find out more about refuse and recycling or sign up for service.

tenants and landlords
Information for renters and rental property owners in Columbia Heights.

Utility Bill Assistance
Find organizations that can assist with utility bill payments.