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The Administration Department is responsible for daily administration of the City, the annual budget, supervision of City departments, human resource functions, the City Code, communications and outreach, cable television administration, boards and commissions, City election coordination, and City Clerk functions.

The City Manager heads the Administration Department and is also the Chief Administrative Officer for the City as a whole. The City Manager is appointed by the City Council and is responsible for the daily administration of the City, including:

  • Appointing department heads
  • Enforcing City ordinances and council directives
  • Preparing the annual budget for council review
  • Supervising the City Clerk, Communications Coordinator, and Human Resources Director
  • Supervising all City departments as determined by the City Charter
  • Final approval of personnel decisions

Staff Contact Information
Aaron Chirpich, City Manager
Phone:  (763) 706-3610  |  Email

Kelli Wick, Human Resources Director
Phone:  (763) 706-3608  |  Email

Sara Ion, City Clerk
Phone:  (763) 706-3611  |  Email

Nancy Becker, Human Resources Technician

Phone:  (763) 706-3606  |  Email

Will Rottler, Communications & Engagement Coordinator
Phone:  (763) 706-3614Email

Kat Watson, Community Relations Specialist
Phone:  (763) 706-3615Email