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Community Development Department
590 40th Avenue NE
Columbia Heights, MN 55421


Monday - Friday
8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Community Development

Huset Parkway_thumbThe Community Development Division is responsible for the long range planning activities of the City, zoning administration, enforcement of land use control ordinances, housing policies and management, Building Code enforcement, administration of permits and licenses, and the coordination of the City's economic development activities. The Community Development Division provides staff services to the Planning and Zoning Commission, the Economic Development Authority and the Housing and Redevelopment Authority. 

The Planning and Zoning Department, within the Community Development Division, is responsible for evaluating and administering applications for Conditional Use Permits, zoning changes, variances, and other land use-related items. The Planning and Zoning Department is currently managing the update and revision to the City's Comprehensive Plan. 

The Economic Development Department, within the Community Development Division, coordinates the City’s economic development, redevelopment projects, and housing programs. This Department works closely Economic Development Authority, and uses tools such as marketing, tax incentives, downtown revitalization initiatives and beautification. 

The Building Safety Department, within the Community Development Division, is responsible for oversite and administration of the State Building Code. The Building Safety Department provides building, plumbing and mechanical inspection services, issues permits and business licenses, and provides overall property inspections for new single family rental housing within the City.

Staff Contact Information
Joe Hogeboom, Community Development Director
Phone: (763) 706-3675  |  Email:   

Keith Dahl, Community Development Manager
Phone: (763) 706-3674  |  Email:  

Elizabeth Hammond, City Planner
Phone: (763) 706-3673  |  Email:   

Larry Pepin, Building Official
Phone: (763) 706-3677  |  Email:   

Shelley Hanson, Permits and Licensing Secretary
Phone: (763) 706-3678  |  Email:   

Jodi Griffin, Community Development Secretary
Phone: (763) 706-3672  |  Email: