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Business of the Year Award

The City of Columbia Heights Outstanding Business of the Year Award recognizes businesses in the City for noteworthy accomplishments, long-standing contributions to the community, and significant community service efforts.

Award Categories & Criteria Considerations:

  • Long‐standing business in Columbia Heights reaching a milestone year
  • Major business expansion, remodel, exterior renovation, landscaping improvements, or relocation to a new facility in Columbia Heights
  • Major contribution(s) to the community
  • Other major accomplishment or achievement worthy of recognition
  • Environmentally friendly or sustainability related initiatives or improvements

Columbia Heights business owners, employees, and residents are welcome to nominate a business by submitting this form to the Community Development Department. Members of the Economic Development Authority and elected officials may not nominate a business.

Staff Review & City Council Approval
Each April, the Economic Development Authority will review all eligible nominations and make a selection for the award. The City reserves the right to make no selection if nominations do not warrant recognition.

Award & Recognition
The award recipient will receive recognition in the following ways:

• Presentation of a plaque following a short presentation about the business at a City Council meeting
• Marketing of the achievement at City events, and on the City’s reader board signs at City Hall, the library, and the municipal liquor stores
• A recognition article posted on the City’s website and newsletter

Nominations for 2024 will be available in early 2024. Nomination forms from previous years are not retained and therefore cannot be considered. Please contact the Communications Coordinator at 763-706-3614 with questions.

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