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2016 All-America City Award
Columbia Heights 2016
The National Civic League selected Columbia Heights as one of ten cities to win the 2016 All-America City Award for outstanding community accomplishments!

To be considered for this prestigious designation, cities across the nation are asked to prepare an application that outlines community solutions that tackle city-wide challenges. This year the National Civic League centered the criteria for community solutions around cities’ ability to ensure that all children are healthy and successful in school and in life. Columbia Heights came through as a shining example of a community that has risen to the occasion of putting children first through collaborative efforts such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters, recreation and education outreach programs, the City of Peace Park initiative, building a modern library and a strong City, Police Department and School District partnership. This year, to ensure no child goes hungry in summer months, the City has entered into a partnership with Loaves and Fishes to serve a healthy, complete lunch free of charge to local children five days a week. 

For more information about Columbia Height's community solutions, read Columbia Heights All-America City Award Application.  

This year, Columbia Heights faced steep competition for the award, including competition from the nearby City of Woodbury. We would like to thank everyone that lives, works and plays in Columbia Heights for making us a true All America City! 

To view Columbia Heights 2016 All-America City Award presentation, watch the presentation here

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