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Document Center
Welcome to the City of Columbia Height's document imaging server based on Laserfiche Weblink. If you wish, you can learn more about Weblink below or just click here to start using the server.

About Laserfiche Weblink
The City of Columbia Heights uses Laserfiche as our electronic document archive. The City currently has over 1.5 million pages of information stored in Laserfiche. Many of these documents are available to citizens through Weblink in a familiar browser interface. 

  • Operating System ?Any operating system capable of running one of the Internet browsers listed above. (Linux, OS X, Windows 2000/XP etc.)
  • PDF
    • A PDF reader program such as Acrobat Reader.
    • No Popup blocking. When creating a PDF WebLink opens the PDF in a new window.
    • To conserve server memory and uphold server performance the largest PDF you can download is 50 pages. If you need to create a PDF for a document larger than 50 pages you will need to download multiple files.