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The City of Columbia Heights Public Works Department services and maintains 70 miles of city streets, city vehicles, parks, and water and sewer systems. In addition to snow plowing, street sweeping, and park mowing, this department also trims the trees over street right-of-ways and ensures the safe delivery of water to all the homes.   

Location:  The Public Works administrative office and garage are located at 637 38th Avenue NE, Columbia  Heights, MN 55421
Hours:  The Public Works administrative office and garage are open Monday through Friday from 7 am to 3:00 pm

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Helpful Resources
For questions related to public works operations or special assessments, call (763) 706-3700.
For questions related to your utility bill call (763) 706-3640.
To start or stop garbage service call (763) 706-3640.
To change garbage service level call (763) 706-3700.