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The Columbia Heights Police Department is located at
825 41st Ave NE, Columbia Heights, MN, 55421

Call us at 763-706-8100
Fax us at 763-334-7667
Police Department
Mission Statement
NewBadgePatchThe Columbia Heights Police Department is committed to active partnerships with the community in order to protect life and property, innovatively solve problems, and enhance the safety and quality of life in the communities we serve.

Core Values
  • Committed - As a group, we are committed to the honest and fair treatment of all our community members, while recognizing that each citizen has different needs and values.
  • Helpful - Employees of the CHPD will strive to meet the needs of our community and the people that we have contact with. We are mindful that we draw our authority from the public, and it is our mandate to assist others whenever possible.
  • Professional - The employees of the CHPD will hold themselves to the highest professional standards, utilizing the best practices in law enforcement to carry out our duties professionally and with integrity.
  • Dedicated - The CHPD is dedicated to excellence in its delivery of law enforcement services. We will seek opportunities to serve in a manner that exceeds expectations and adheres to the ideals of the United States Constitution and our professional Oath of Honor.

2018 Annual Report
The 2018 CHPD Annual Report includes a letter from Chief Austin, a description of our major initiatives and awards from the past year, our Community Oriented Policing and Problem Oriented Policing strategies, an explanation of crime stats, and many cool photos. Click here for the annual report.

2020 Strategic Plan

Since 2009, the CHPD has operated under a Strategic Plan that outlines goals and objectives in support of our overall mission of creating a safe community.  In December 2019, officials met to review the 2019 Strategic Plan and develop the new Strategic Plan for 2020. The plan is available here.

Immigration Statement

The Columbia Heights Police Department has not, and will not, be asking for the immigration status of those we come into contact with. As a police agency it is essential that we have the trust of all of our residents and that we do not have or create barriers to residents wanting to work with us or report crimes.

April 2017 Police-Community Immigration Dialogue Highlights
The Columbia Heights Police Department and the Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee hosted a Police-Community Dialogue. The focus of this dialogue was immigration and issues surrounding it. The event was held on April 18 at The Church of All Nations in Columbia Heights. There was great discussion and participation. To read the questions and highlights of the answers from the attendees click here.

Tips and Techniques to Keep You from Being a Victim
Officer Noll shares some of his experience gained from being a police officer for 11 years. The tips relate to person on person crimes (robbery, assaults and thefts). The article is available here.

Staff Contact Information
Lenny Austin,  Chief of Police
Phone: (763) 706-8100 | Email: police@columbiaheightsmn.gov

Erik Johnston, Captain
Phone: (763) 706-8131 | Email: EJohnston@columbiaheightsmn.gov

Matt Markham, Captain
Phone: (763) 706-8109 | Email: MMarkham@columbiaheightsmn.gov

Ted Fischer, Sergeant
Phone: (763) 706-8108 | Email: TFischer@columbiaheightsmn.gov

Erik Hanson, Sergeant
Phone: (763) 706-8105 | Email: EHanson@columbiaheightsmn.gov

Justin Pletcher, Sergeant
Phone: (763) 706-8107 | Email: JPletcher@columbiaheightsmn.gov

Tim Noll, Sergeant
Phone: (763) 706-8115 | Email: TNoll@columbiaheightsmn.gov

Jason Piehn, High School Liaison Officer
Phone: (763) 706-8116 | Email: JPiehn@columbiaheightsmn.gov

Ibrahim Farah, Middle School Liaison Officer
Phone: (763) 706-8143 | Email: IFarah@columbiaheightsmn.gov

Bill Monberg, Community Oriented Policing
Phone: (763) 706-8139 | Email: BMonberg@columbiaheightsmn.gov

Karen Olson, Office Supervisor
Phone: (763) 706-8106 | Email: KOlson2@columbiaheightsmn.gov