2019-2020 Recycling Champions Recognized


Congratulations Recycling Champions!
Columbia Heights Public Works recently awarded Recycling Champion certificates to those who increased recycling in 2019-2020 by ordering a larger or additional recycle cart and/or compost cart. They earned a certificate and took home some recycling swag (recycle basket, water bottle, labels, and reuse guide). Some of them picked up their certificate at the June Community Art and Info Fair. Congratulations to this year's Recycling Champions, all of whom are listed below. 

Recycling charges are flat rate so getting larger or additional recycle carts does not cost more. Compost carts for food organics and food soiled paper only cost $2.52/month and yard waste can also be thrown in the cart. Households also get a free kitchen organics kit and a bag of finished compost. Email publicworks@columbiaheightsmn.gov to order a cart and earn your chance to become a Recycling Champion! Go here for more information. 

Newest Recycling Champions:
Anna Jo and Logan Raycraft
Antonia Meyers
Arianne Kokes
Ayla Deneka
Brad Severson
Bradley Nerheim
Christopher Spetcher
Daniel & Laura Lundquist-Peskorz
David M. Olsen
Debra and Mark Arneson
Grahams Alexandre Nguimbi
Hugh Burhans and Richard McNitt
Isaac and Bethany Ledford
Jennefer & Alexis James
Jesse Willey
Lisa Tenhoff
Mark & Mary Liesch
Mark W. Emme
Melissa and Luis Rojas
Michael Alvarado
Namine, Kairi, Mitsoko Steeves
Nils & Alyssa Seppanen
Ouassini Souarit
RJ. Ronyak
Samara Bilyeu-Anderson
Sondrea Wallis
Stalley Family
Terri Comp Vargas
The Brennan Family
The Dickson Family
The Groupies, heroes of the South
The Keoghs
Touhami Sekkef
Tracy Severson
Zarate Family