Columbia Heights Public Works Water Test - Sept 10


Thu, Sept 10 - 2 pm

We have completed our test of the water system. Again, if you noticed any changes to your drinking water throughout the day please call Columbia Heights Public Works at 763-706-3700. Thank you!

Thu, Sept 10 - 10 am

We have transitioned over to our second water connection. Please call Columbia Heights Public Works if you notice any changes to your drinking water at 763-706-3700. Thank you!

Wed, Sept 9 - 3 pm

The City of Columbia Heights Public Works Division will be performing a test with Minneapolis Waterworks tomorrow, Thu, Sept 10. The test involves a second Minneapolis water connection and will allow staff to practice emergency procedures and document any effects the use of our alternate connection will have on the water system. We do not expect any changes to the delivery or quality of your drinking water.

Testing is anticipated to begin between 9 am and 10 am Thu, Sept 10. If you experience any changes in your drinking water supply please reach out to Public Works at 763-706-3700. The test will last most of the day Thursday, with the time being used to take measurements from the water system. We will transition back to our main water connection with Minneapolis in the afternoon. Thank you!

Please check our website and social media channels for updates on Thursday.