Citywide Recycling Efforts Increase


Citywide Recycling Efforts Increase
Residents of Columbia Heights continue to do their part in helping decrease trash disposal and increase their recycling efforts. Since 2017, trash disposal has decreased by 12% and recycling has increased by 16%.

During 2019, the City disposed of 6,301 tons of trash, which was 4% less than the previous year, and recycled 1,955 tons of materials from residential curbside programs, the Recycling Center, and City facilities, an increase of 11% from 2018.

Additionally, residential households composted 1,602 tons of yard waste commingled with an estimated 184 tons of food organics.

The City’s subsidized $20 flat fee for electronics curbside recycling removed over 351 electronic items. The City offers one free appliance pickup per year to each property (call 1-888-960-0008 to request a pick-up). Through this service, 355 units were recycled in 2019. The City also recycled another 19 tons of problem/hazardous materials, mainly from the Recycling Center.

Bulk curbside recycling started last September. Over 100 mattresses were stripped down to their recyclable components. Another 30 had to be disposed of with the trash because they were too wet or had other issues. The curbside bulk project to repair or recycle furniture is on hold as there are currently no facilities to process furniture in a feasible manner.

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