53rd Ave NE Closure Begins Oct 17

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53rd Ave NE Closure Begins Oct 17

Park Construction is planning to do a full closure of eastbound and westbound traffic on 53rd Ave NE from University Ave Service Dr to the west Target entrance. This closure is anticipated to start on Tue, Oct 17, and is anticipated to be in place until the week of Oct 30. North/south traffic on all cross streets will be open. There will be no alley access to 53rd Ave NE.

Garbage trucks will be accommodated for trash pickup so there will be no impact on that and residents who have driveways off of 53rd Ave NE will also be accommodated so there will still be access for those who need it.

Access will be maintained for customers who are looking to access Target and all other businesses near 53rd Ave NE and Central Ave NE. The turnabout in front of Target will be completed before the road closure goes into effect. Customers leaving Target and all other businesses will need to head back out to Central Ave NE and will not be allowed to head westbound on 53rd Ave NE.

For any questions, please contact City of Fridley Project Lead, Touyia Lee, at 763-572-3554 or City of Columbia Heights City Engineer, Sulmaan Khan, at 763-706-3704.