Strategies & Short Term Goals

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Mission Statement & Short Term Goals

The City Council adopted the following mission statement and short-term goals
at the April 10, 2023 city council meeting:

“Columbia Heights is a vibrant, healthy and connected City. We are here to actively support the community, deliver equitable services, build and strengthen connections, improve upon our past, and uphold our successes. We strive to be better and ensure Columbia Heights is a great place for everyone, today and in the future.”

Short Term Goals:
1. Develop an architectural and financial plan for the replacement of the Public Works building, especially as it relates to other priorities (before structural failure)
2. Update the Parks Master Plan, develop a financing plan, and establish interactive communications about the plans with the community
3. Develop a Murzyn Hall renovation plan or identify an alternative new community center plan
4. Prepare long-term, comprehensive plans for single-family homes transitioning to rental, including increased tenant/renter protections and new rental licensing program (following moratorium)
5. Update the five-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) focusing on long-term maintenance and replacement of existing facilities
6. Finalize plans for Central Avenue improvements
7. Establish/Re-Establish the City Art Commission and invest in Public Art
8. Find external grants and evaluate establishing a city grant program for Naturally Occurring Affordable Housing
(NOAH) properties
9. Develop a formal process to review goals, develop a system of accountability, and communicate with the public regarding the City Council’s goals and strategic plan
10. Build End-to-End communications infrastructure for City buildings and sites
11. Educate staff and elected officials on National Incident Management System (NIMS)
12. Develop and implement integrated online services
13. Complete 43rd and Central PUD approval and initiate construction
14. Improve and expand code enforcement, evaluate point-of-sale program
15. Continue working towards creating a City workforce that accurately represents the community
16. Establish centralized translation services for all departments and provide language support services at all public meetings
17. Strengthen brand awareness across projects, activities, goals, and at the liquor store