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Polling Places

The City of Columbia Heights is divided in 8 sections called precincts. The precinct you live in determines your polling place for election day voting. Polling places are open for voting from 7 am to 8 pm on election days. If you are interested in voting early, more information is located on our Absentee Voting webpage.

Finding your Polling Place:

Use the State of Minnesota Polling Place Finder. Enter your address, and the website will give you your assigned precinct address.

View a map of Columbia Heights Polling Places (PDF)

Precinct 1

John P. Murzyn Hall

530 Mill St NE

Precinct 2

Greater Life Tabernacle

4000 Quincy St NE

Precinct 3

Columbia Heights Library

3939 Central Ave NE

Precinct 4

Highland Elementary School

1500 49th Ave NE

Precinct 5

First Lutheran Church

1555 40th Ave NE

Precinct 6

Hylander Center 

1400 49th Ave NE

Precinct 7

Valley View Elementary School

800 49th Ave NE

Precinct 8

ChristLife Church 

4555 University Ave NE