Yard Waste

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Yard Waste

Yard Waste
Yard waste consisting of leaves, grass clippings, acorns, garden waste, pinecones, pine needles, soft-bodied green plants, weeds, and other non-woody yard waste can be mixed together for collection by College Hunks during the yard waste collection season (April-Nov). Set bagged or bundled yard waste on the curb in front of your home. Brush must be bundled in manageable 3-foot lengths, not to exceed an 18" roll. Tree branches cannot be larger than 4" in diameter because this is too woody for yard waste. Yard waste is picked up beginning the first full week in April through the last full week of November unless there is snow cover. Collection of bagged and bundled yard waste is included in the base refuse rate.

City-provided carts or compostable yard waste bags are the only containers allowed for yard waste collection. Items not eligible for yard waste collection: dirt, sod, logs, rocks, and food organics.

Anoka County has two compost sites available to residents that accept tree waste (for those branches over 4"), yard waste, and Christmas trees. Please note that a fee may be charged.

Backyard Composting
If interested in composting, information is available on the Anoka County website. For those who have backyard composting, you can still utilize the City’s organics collection service for those items not allowed in backyard composting, such as meat, bones, dairy, and paper. *See City Code Chapter 8 Public Health and Safety; Article III: Garbage and Rubbish; § 8.301 Storage Containers (F) concerning requirements and restrictions for the City of Columbia Heights.