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For questions, concerns, or service change requests please fill out the customer support form here. Are you a new homeowner just moving in?  Before you can make changes to your service, you must first set up an account here.  To make changes to your existing service,  fill out the customer support form here

organics and yard waste collection changes coming in april 2024

Beginning in April, food organics and yard waste can no longer be mixed. With this change, food organics collection will transition to a new vendor that will collect 7-gallon organics pails on a weekly basis. Collection of food-soiled paper like pizza boxes and extra bags of organics will be included. This service will begin the first week in April at a cost of $4.00 per month.

Sign up for Curbside Organics Collection
To order a 7-gallon organics pail and sign up for curbside organics collection, please fill out the refuse support form on our website and choose the "Order a 7-gallon organics pail" option from the drop-down menu.

Updates to Curbside Yard Waste Collection
Beginning in April, existing compost carts may only be used for yard waste. Because collection will no longer be subsidized with organics grant money, the cost for a yard waste cart will increase to $13.10 per month during the yard waste season (April-Nov). If you opt not to keep your yard waste cart, cart removal fees will be waived through the end of April. To make service changes or ask questions, please fill out the form on our refuse support page. Yard waste collection is expected to begin the first week in April. Reminder: your base refuse rate already includes bagged and bundled yard waste collection, so you can continue to have these picked up even if you don't have a yard waste cart.

If you currently have a compost cart, we encourage you to continue to use it for food organics through the end of this month.

Older Updates:

Compost Cart Winter Schedule Begins Monday, December 4
See calendar for every other week compost cart pickup. The winter compost cart schedule does not follow the recycling schedule. Pickup may be on the same day as recycling, while for others it may be on the off week. 

Yard Waste Collection Has Started, Schedule Has Changed for 2023 
Yard waste collection started April 10. Use this color-coded map to find out which day of the week yard-waste collection occurs in your area.  Your yard-waste collection day may not be the same as your trash and recycling collection days. College Hunks Haul Junk, not Walters, is responsible for yard-waste service.

Please use paper bags. Bags must be compostable (do not use any plastic). If it doesn't fit in a bag, brush must be bundled in manageable parcels no longer than 3 feet or taller than 18 inches. Branches wider than 4 inches in diameter will not be accepted, but woody tree waste can be brought to an Anoka County site for a fee.

The third option for yard-waste collection is to use a designated compost cart. You may order a City compost cart here, or call 763-706-3727. Yard-waste should not overflow the compost cart. Find more information about yard waste service at

College Hunks Hauling Bulk Collection:
College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving will also collect bulky items or rubbish, including 

New Service Providers Jan 1, 2023
Walters Recycling and Refuse and Haul Star collection services will take over for Waste Management starting Jan 1. Trash and recycling schedules will also change. To get your new schedule, visit or call 763-780-8464. Watch for mailings from Walters with additional details. To report a concern, visit