Recycling Center Drop-off


Recycle Center 002 web_thumb_thumbRecycling Center Drop-Off
The Recycling Center will be closed through March 30, 2020

The Columbia Heights Recycling Center is available to area residents and businesses.  It is located at 3801 Madison Street NE and is open on Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and is closed most holiday weekends. The Recycling Center is staffed by volunteers from the local Kiwanis groups and is free to residents.  Thanks to the Kiwanis Club for over 35 years of service at the Recycling Center.Items accepted at the center are:
  • Corrugated cardboard, paper bags, magazines, mixed paper and phone books
  • Aluminum cans 
  • Metal, glass, and plastic (marked with #1 - #7) containers
  • A tank for used oil is available.
  • Oil filter drop-off is available.
  • Scrap metal:  Anything that is mostly metal such as chairs, tables, lamps, stands, pots, pans, grills, plant hangers, rods, buckets, tools, fencing and yard equipment.  Drain oil and gas from equipment prior to bringing to the Recycling Center.
  • Columbia Heights residents may bring up to four car or light truck tires annually to the center for disposal. All tires must be off the rim or they cannot be accepted.
  • Household batteries (no vehicle batteries)
  • String lights, i.e. Christmas lights
  • Antifreeze
  • Fluorescent bulbs Xcel Energy customers only.  Limit of 10 per property. (Please do not tape bulbs together.)
  • Film plastics and Styrofoam     (See the Trex Community Challenge!)
  • Bicycles

Items listed above are the only items accepted at the Columbia Heights Recycling Center.  Please see the Anoka County Recycling Guide or visit their website for other options.