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If you have any questions, please contact the Engineering Department at 763-706-3700.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

                               2023 Construction Projects

The City of Columbia Heights will be lining over 11,000 feet of sanitary sewer pipe on Central Avenue between 37th Avenue and 43rd Avenue and on 40th Avenue from University Avenue to Central Avenue. The pipe lining will extend the life of the existing clay sanitary sewer pipes without having to dig up the street and replacing the pipe.

In 1997 the City approved an annual street rehabilitation program to address the long-term condition and sustainability of the city’s 66 miles of streets. Under this program, the City of Columbia Heights is divided into seven zones. Annually, a condition analysis is conducted for the following year’s zone work, and based on the condition rating, staff recommends one of four treatment types: surface treatment, mill and overlay, partial reconstruction (full depth reclamation), or complete reconstruction. 

The goal of the program is to do the right type of street rehabilitation at the right time to avoid the more expensive option of reconstruction. Each street is evaluated using the following methods and an Overall Condition Index (OCI) is determined. 

  • The thickness of the existing pavement and underlying aggregate base has been documented.
  • An independent testing firm has determined the strength of the street and provided a visual condition rating.
  • A comprehensive visual condition street survey is conducted by Engineering Department staff by measuring the type and quantity of each type of cracking in the pavement.
  • MnDOT also visually rates State Aid Streets every two years.

These results are used to determine the appropriate treatment to maximize the life of the street. An OCI of 70 or greater suggests surface treatment is the appropriate treatment. An OCI between 69 and 55 reflects that the bituminous pavement is showing signs of significant deterioration and a mill and overlay is required to strengthen the pavement. An OCI of less than 55 suggests the best course of action is to reconstruct the street, typically because both the pavement and the base under the pavement are failing. The need for full or partial reconstruction is determined by the condition of the curb and gutter.

37THAVENUE RECONSTRUCTION: CENTRAL AVENUE TO STINSON BOULEVARD   (Feasibility Study)   (Location Map) (Interactive Project Map)
The cities of Columbia Heights and Minneapolis have received funding to help support the complete reconstruction of 37th Avenue from Central Avenue to Stinson Boulevard. The construction will include reconstruction of the roadway base material, bituminous roadway paving, utility adjustments, new sidewalk on the south side of 37th Avenue, a new paved multiuse trail on the north side of 37th Avenue, lighting adjacent to the trail, and new green stormwater infrastructure consisting of rain gardens and tree trenches. 

Along with the 37th Avenue reconstruction project, 37th Place will also be reconstructed. The project will consist of reconstruction of the roadway base material, bituminous roadway paving, correction of the skewed intersection at 37th Place and 37th Avenue, new paved multiuse trail on the south side of 37th Place, lighting adjacent to the trail, and new green stormwater infrastructure consisting of rain gardens and tree trenches.

53RD AVENUE TURNABOUT AND RECONSTRUCTION: MAIN STREET (FRIDLEY) TO CENTRAL AVENUE    (Feasibility Study)   (Location Map),   (Interactive Project Map)      

The Cities of Columbia Heights and Fridley have received funding to help support roadway reconstruction and pedestrian/bicycle improvements on 53rd Avenue from Main Street to Central Avenue consisting of reclamation of the bituminous pavement and roadway base, new bituminous surfacing, relocation of the south curb and gutter to allow for construction of a new paved multiuse trail, and new sidewalk on the north side of 53rd Avenue. This project is anticipated to start at the end of August.

Along with the 53rd Avenue reconstruction project, a new modified roundabout, or turnabout, will be constructed between Sullivan Lake Park and Central Avenue to help increase safety and reduce crossing maneuvers. The project will consist of new raised concrete medians, construction of a new turnabout, and new paved bituminous surfacing. This project will be done in coordination with the 53rd Avenue reconstruction and trail project.  Construction will begin on Monday, July 31st.

2022 Construction Projects
Construction projects undertaken during 2022 are listed below.  The projects are substantially complete with only punch list/warranty items remaining.



Zone 6 Street RehabilitationPartial Street Reconstruction

  • Jackson Street NE                40th Avenue to 41st Avenue                          
  • 41stAvenue NE                      Monroe Street to Central Avenue                    
  • 42ndAvenue NE                     7th Street to Quincy Street                         
  • 43rdAvenue NE                      4th Street to 6th Street                          
  • 43rdAvenue NE                      7th Street to Washington Street

Mill and Overlay

  • 5thStreet NE                            40th Avenue to 41st Avenue
  • 41stAvenue NE                       7th Street to Jefferson Street       
  • 42ndAvenue NE                      University Ave Service Drive to 7th Street
  • 43rdAvenue NE                      6th Street to 7th Street
  • 43rdAvenue NE                      Washington Street to Quincy Street

Zone 7 Street Rehabilitation

Mill and Overlay

  • 3rdStreet NE                           44th Avenue to 45th Avenue  

Mill and Overlay

  • 47th Avenue NE                      Central Avenue to Fillmore Street

Various Municipal State Aid streets that received a bituminous overlay within the last few years received a surface treatment. The treatment is intended to rejuvenate the surface of the bituminous and reduce deterioration caused by moisture penetration and oxidation (sun). 

  • 37thAvenue NE, Central Avenue to Lincoln Street
  • Pierce Street NE, 37thAvenue to cul-de-sac
  • Lincoln NE, 37thAvenue to cul-de-sac
  • Central Avenue NE, 37thAvenue to 44th Avenue

Future Construction Projects

44th Avenue Mill and Overlay:  University Avenue to Central Avenue

The proposed construction would consist of milling off 3” of bituminous pavement across the entire street surface and paving a new 3” bituminous mat. Existing concrete curb and gutter would be preserved except for sections with poor drainage or that are considered to be a hazard to the snowplows. Pedestrian ramps will be reconstructed to meet current ADA standards.

University Avenue Trail and Decorative Fence, 37th to 40th Avenues (east)
With recent redevelopment, part of this segment does have paved bituminous trail or concrete sidewalk and a decorative fence north of 37th Avenue. This project would complete the pedestrian connection up to 40th Avenue along with similar fencing to provide separation from University Avenue. 

Central Avenue Safety Improvements Phase II: 43rd to 47th Avenues
This project would continue the safety improvements installed in the 2016 project from 47th to 51st Avenues. Work would include new LED street and pedestrian lighting, new sidewalks, new signage and minor right-of-way acquisition. The City has been awarded federal Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) dollars for this project in 2025.

49th Avenue Safe Routes to School (SRTS) Improvements
The City has been awarded federal dollars in 2024 to help improve non-motorized connections on 49th Avenue as well as on 47th Avenue near Valley View Elementary, Columbia Academy, Columbia Heights High School, and Highland Elementary School. The improvements consist of sidewalk, pedestrian ramp, and crosswalk pavement marking upgrades.

Wargo Court Master Plan
Wargo Court is a mini-park located at the northwest corner of Central Avenue and 41st Avenue. No major work has been performed at Wargo Court in over 30 years, focusing only on maintaining the park. The primary park feature is the fountain, which is beyond repair and in need of replacement. The electrical serving the site is undersized and old and trips repeatedly. The site amenities such as the retaining walls and landscaping are dilapidated and in need of a complete replacement. 

The Park and Recreation Commission has completed master planning of six (6) parks, culminating in the reconstruction of each of these parks. The intent of a Master Plan is to provide a detailed plan of the entire park for redevelopment. Therefore, it is the desire of the Park and Recreation Commission and City staff to have a detailed working plan to rehabilitate or rebuild elements of the park in phases, as funding becomes available.