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Construction Projects

If you have any questions, please contact the Engineering Department at 763-706-3700.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

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The City of Columbia Heights offers an e-newsletter with updates on a scheduled basis and also offers updates with CodeRED, which has more timely updates such as road closures or emergency alerts.

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2024 Construction Projects

2024 CONCRETE ALLEY RECONSTRUCTION (Feasibility Study) (Map)
The City of Columbia Heights has over 17 miles of paved alleys, with either concrete or bituminous pavement. When the City conducted a large alley reconstruction program in 2000, it established that all alleys identified for full replacement will be reconstructed with concrete. Due to their deteriorated condition, the following alleys are proposed to be fully reconstructed to a new concrete surface in 2024:  

  • Jackson Street to Van Buren Street, 163’ North of 40th Avenue to 41st Avenue
  • Van Buren Street to Central Avenue, 490’ South of 41st Avenue to 41st Avenue
  • Monroe Street to Quincy Street, 44th Avenue to 45th Avenue
  • Polk Street to Taylor Street, 46th Avenue to 47th Avenue
  • Taylor Street to Fillmore Street, 46th Avenue to 47th Avenue 

During reconstruction, the existing bituminous surface is removed, underlying soils are graded, gravel base is placed and a new concrete surface is poured. Alleys are generally inaccessible during the 30-45 day construction timeframe. 

The City will hold an informational meeting for impacted residents and businesses on Thu, June 13, at 6 pm in City Council Chambers (3989 Central Ave NE).

The City has been awarded federal dollars to help improve non-motorized connections on 49th Avenue as well as on 47th Avenue near Valley View Elementary, Columbia Academy, Columbia Heights High School, and Highland Elementary School. The improvements consist of sidewalk, pedestrian ramp, and crosswalk pavement marking upgrades.

The following streets will receive a bituminous surface treatment. The treatment is intended to rejuvenate the surface of the bituminous and reduce deterioration caused by moisture penetration and oxidation (sun).

  • 5th Street, 50th Avenue to 51st Avenue
  • 6th Street, 50th Avenue to 51st Avenue
  • Washington Street, 44th Avenue to 46th Avenue
  • 4th Street, 48th Avenue to 53rd Avenue
  • 5th Street, 48th Avenue to 49th Avenue
  • 5th Street, 51st Avenue to 53rd Avenue
  • 6th Street, 47th Avenue to 50th Avenue
  • 6th Street, 51st Avenue to 52nd Avenue
  • Madison Street, 48th Avenue to 51st Avenue

2023 Construction Projects

The City of Columbia Heights lined over 7,500 feet of sanitary sewer pipe on Central Avenue between 37th Avenue and 43rd Avenue and on 40th Avenue from Jackson Street to Central Avenue. The pipe lining will extend the life of the existing clay sanitary sewer pipes without having to dig up the street and replacing the pipe.

37THAVENUE RECONSTRUCTION: CENTRAL AVENUE TO STINSON BOULEVARD   (Feasibility Study)   (Location Map) (Interactive Project Map)

Project Update: Remaining work on 37th Avenue will begin on Monday, April 15th. Eastbound traffic on 37th Avenue between Central Avenue and Johnson Street will be blocked and detoured up to 40th Avenue. Please pay attention to detour and other traffic control signs in the area. Please visit the City of Minneapolis’ website for more information and updates.

Along with the 37th Avenue reconstruction project, 37th Place was also reconstructed. The project consisted of reconstruction of the roadway base material, bituminous roadway paving, correction of the skewed intersection at 37th Place and 37th Avenue, new paved multiuse trail on the south side of 37th Place, lighting adjacent to the trail, and new green stormwater infrastructure consisting of rain gardens and tree trenches. Construction is substantially complete. 

53RD AVENUE RECONSTRUCTION AND TRAIL: UNIVERSITY AVENUE TO SULLIVAN LAKE PARK     (Feasibility Study)   (Location Map),   (Interactive Project Map)      

The cities of Columbia Heights and Fridley received funding to help support roadway reconstruction and pedestrian/bicycle improvements on 53rd Avenue consisting of reclamation of the bituminous pavement and roadway base, new bituminous surfacing, relocation of the south curb and gutter to allow for construction of a new paved multiuse trail, and new sidewalk on the north side of 53rd Avenue. Construction is substantially complete. Remaining work will be completed in Spring 2024


The cities of Columbia Heights and Fridley received funding to help support the roadway improvements consisting of a raised concrete median, a modified roundabout, new pavement, and a paved trail connecting to Sullivan Lake Park from Central Avenue. This project was done along with the 53rd Avenue reconstruction and trail project. Construction is substantially complete.

Future construction projects

University Avenue Trail and Decorative Fence, 37th to 40th Avenues (east)
With recent redevelopment, part of this segment does have paved bituminous trail or concrete sidewalk and a decorative fence north of 37th Avenue. This project would complete the pedestrian connection up to 40th Avenue along with similar fencing to provide separation from University Avenue.