Construction Projects


Construction Projects
If you have any questions, please contact the Engineering Department at 763-706-3700.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

2018 Proposed Construction Projects

2018 Street Rehabilitation: Under the City’s Annual Street Rehabilitation Program, the following streets are proposed for resurfacing:

  • Main Street from 40th Avenue to 37th Avenue
  • 37th Avenue from Main Street to 5th Street (joint project with the City of Minneapolis)

Under the Street Rehabilitation Program, City-owned utilities will also be evaluated for repairs or replacement. These include water main, sanitary sewer and storm sewer. In the fall of 2017, staff began conducting field surveys to prepare a preliminary design and feasibility report. Following the completion of the feasibility report, residents abutting or adjacent to the work will then be invited to an informational meeting to review the project. If approved by the City Council, work would begin after June 15th.

2018 Water Main Cleaning and Lining: Our cleaning and lining of water main was initiated in 2005. This annual program mechanically cleans the interior of older water main pipe and then places a thin cement mortar lining on the freshly restored interior pipe walls. The process restores the interior diameter of the water main pipe and corrects “rusty” or discolored water problems in the area. Our 2018 program will continue in the southeastern corner of the city in the streets shown on this map.

2018 Seal Coat:  This annual program extends the life of city streets by placing an asphaltic emulsion followed by a chip rock on the street, providing a new driving surface. Streets are typically done every 6-10 years, on an average 8-year repeating cycle. Performing this work on a regular cycle lengthens the time period before more expensive rehabilitation such as milling and overlay or reconstruction needs to take place.  The streets proposed for 2018 are shown on this map.

Programmed Construction Projects:

39th Avenue: The City Council approved the rehabilitation of 39th Avenue from Jefferson Street/Huset Parkway to Central Avenue in May of 2017. The work includes a partial reconstruction of the street with new concrete curb and gutter and 6 foot wide sidewalk along the south side of the street. The curbing on the south side of the street will be moved in 6 feet allowing the sidewalk to be installed at the back of the new curb. This narrows the roadway from 46 to 40 feet. Storm sewer will be added on the west side of the project.

Keyes Park: Plans were prepared in 2017 based on the Master Plan approved by the Park and Recreation Commission and City Council in 2016. Bids were rejected as they came in higher than anticipated, the project will be rebid this winter for 2018 reconstruction. Work includes realigning the two athletic fields, introduction of a small soccer field, a new playground, the addition of a paved walking trail, reconfiguring the parking lots, adding rain gardens/infiltration basins for water quality, site landscaping, and preserving the sliding hill. 

University Avenue Resurfacing - MnDOT 2018  Project:  In spring and summer of 2018, the Minnesota Department of Transportation will resurface a segment of University Avenue in Columbia Heights and Minneapolis. This will require University Avenue to close from 44th Avenue to Lowry Avenue from about mid-April to August. Detours will be marked and sections of the road will be open to local traffic only. Metro Transit buses will be rerouted. More information is available on the MnDOT project web page or call Dave Aeikens of MnDOT communications 651-234-7511, or email