Construction Projects


Construction Projects - Due to COVID-19 construction schedules are on hold.
If you have any questions, please contact the Engineering Department at 763-706-3700.  Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

2020 Proposed Construction Projects:  2020 InfraProgram  

 1)    2020 Water Main Replacement

Due to the number of water main breaks these segments have experienced, the following water main will be replaced: 

  • 39th Avenue, Johnson Street to Arthur Street
  • Arthur Street, 39th  Avenue to 40th Avenue
  • Stinson Boulevard at 43rd Avenue

 2)    37th Avenue Street Rehabilitation and Trail Reconstruction
In 2020 an 8-foot paved multi-use trail will be constructed on the north side of 37th Avenue from 5th Street to Central Avenue.

Also in 2020 the City of Columbia Heights and the City of Minneapolis are partnering to resurface 37th Ave NE from 5th St NE to Central Ave NE. This project is a continuation of the 2018 resurfacing that occurred from Main St NE to 5th St NE. 

 3)    2020 Concrete Alley Reconstruction
Due to their deteriorated condition, the following alleys are proposed to be fully reconstructed to a new concrete surface:  

  • Washington to Jefferson Streets, 41st to 42nd Avenues
  • Madison to Monroe Streets, 40th to 41st Avenues
  • Madison to Monroe Streets, 42nd to 43rd Avenues 

4)    Silver Lake Boat Landing and Sanitary Lift Station Construction
This project involves reconstructing the existing boat ramp and parking lot, and lift station.

The boat landing will be closed during construction.

5)     Wargo Court Master Plan
Wargo Court Park is a mini-park located at the northwest corner of Central Avenue and 41st Avenue. No major work has been performed at Wargo Court in over 30 years, focusing only on maintaining the park. The primary park feature is the fountain, which is beyond repair and in need of replacement.  The electrical serving the site is undersized and old and trips repeatedly. The site amenities such as the retaining walls and landscaping are dilapidated and in need of a complete replacement. 

The Park and Recreation Commission has completed master planning of six (6) parks, culminating in the reconstruction of each of these parks. The intent of a Master Plan is to provide a detailed plan of the entire park for redevelopment. Therefore, it is the desire of the Park and Recreation Commission and City Staff to have a detailed working plan to rehabilitate or rebuild elements of the park in phases, as funding becomes available. 

7)    Traffic Signal Replacement: Central Avenue at 41st Avenue (MnDOT project currently under construction)
MnDOT is scheduled to completely replace the traffic signal at this intersection in 2019. The work will include new signal bases, poles and arms, new LED lights, new controller, new LED street name signs and a new Emergency Vehicle Pre-emption System ("EVP System") and Accessible Pedestrian Signals ("APS"). 

Future Construction Projects:

University Avenue Trail and Decorative Fence, 37th to 40th Avenues (east)
With recent redevelopment, part of this segment does have paved bituminous trail or concrete sidewalk and a decorative fence north of 37th Avenue. This project would complete the pedestrian connection up to 40th Avenue along with similar fencing to provide separation from University Avenue. 

53rd Avenue Safety Improvements: Central Avenue to Sullivan Lake Park 
The cities of Columbia Heights and Fridley have received funding to help support the roadway improvements consisting of a raised concrete median, a modified roundabout, new pavement, and a paved trail connecting to Sullivan Lake Park from Central Avenue.  Construction is tentatively scheduled for 2021.

 37th Avenue Reconstruction: Central Avenue to Stinson Boulevard
The cities of Columbia Heights and Minneapolis have received funding to help support the complete reconstruction of 37th Avenue from Central Avenue to Stinson Boulevard. The future construction would include a new street section, utility replacement, sidewalk and/or trails and storm water. The addition of street lighting is also being evaluated.  Construction is tentatively scheduled for 2023.   

Central Avenue Safety Improvements Phase II: 43rd to 47th Avenues
This project would continue the safety improvements installed in the 2016 project from 47th to 51st Avenues. Work would include new LED street and pedestrian lighting, new sidewalks, new signage and minor right-of-way acquisition. Staff is pursuing funding to help support the estimated $1.7 million dollar project cost.  There is currently no timeline for construction.