Join the CHPD's Camera Initiative Here


The Columbia Heights Police Department is looking to facilitate an opportunity for you to help fellow residents and business owners in your neighborhood.

We want to create a map of the city with camera locations. Currently our investigators have no way of knowing who has cameras, or where they are. If we had a place to start, a list of cameras, we could spend more time investigating. We want another tool in our tool belt.
The Columbia Heights Police Department has had a number of incidents in recent months where suspects either fled through the city or were in multiple locations in the city before committing a crime. If we had a map of cameras we could narrow our investigation.
This would be a great tool for us. The CHPD feels a map with camera locations on it would be a great opportunity to solve crimes.  The footage contained within these cameras is a great piece of the investigative puzzle. Please consider helping us and your fellow neighbors out by telling us where you currently have cameras.

This is an example of what we are looking to achieve:
Camera Map