Long Grass, Weeds & Scrub Growth Violations

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Long Grass, Weeds & Scrub Growth Violations

City Code does not allow the growth of long grass, weeds, and scrub growth over nine inches tall on any property. This includes grass/weeds/scrub growth left along fences and walls after mowing. If a violation is found, a notice will be placed on the property with a follow-up inspection date. 

If the violation is not corrected by the follow-up date a contractor, hired by the City, will cut the violation. The property owner will be responsible for the cost of the mowing plus administrative charges. After the first violation of a season, any future violations found on the property will not get any prior notice and will be sent directly to a contractor for cutting.

Complaints of long grass and weeds can be made by calling our inspection line at (763) 706-8156.
Very Important Notice!
ONE and ONLY ONE notice for TALL GRASS, WEEDS, & SCRUB GROWTH will be given to a property in a year. No further notice(s) will be given to the owner/occupants for ANY future violation(s) of these ordinance(s) on this property. Instead, a city contractor will be sent to the property to correct any additional violation(s) of this ordinance, and the property owner will be billed for abatement services rendered and administrative fees. All fees not paid will be assessed back to the property to be paid with the property taxes.

How to Correct Violations
By the re-inspection date listed on the Violation Notice ANY and ALL grass or weeds and scrub growth over nine (9) inches in height, regardless of location must be cut and maintained at a height under nine (9) inches. This includes along with alleyways, fence lines, and foundations as well as the yard in general. If you have any questions on the nature of the violations or want more information call the inspection office at (763) 706-8156 before the re-inspection date.

Scrub-growth vegetation, including involuntary trees, along with foundations and along walls and fences must be cut down.

The Minnesota Noxious Weed list can be found here.