Businesses in the City are subject to the provisions of the Property Maintenance Code and the Minnesota State Fire Code. Inspections of businesses are performed annually.

Items listed below are some of the most common violations found in businesses:

  • Fire Extinguishers, fire alarm, and sprinkler systems must be serviced annually per state law.
  • Use of extension cords for permanent wiring is prohibited by state law. Extension cords are for temporary use only (under 90 days). We suggest use of a UL listed power strip with a circuit breaker instead.
  • Unacceptable exterior storage includes most other items; i.e. pallets, construction materials not currently being used; tools, etc.
  • Scrub growth around foundations and fence lines is not permitted. Scrub growth is defined as any uncontrolled growth of vegetation, including weeds, bushes, and tree saplings.
  • Growth of grass and weeds is not acceptable if longer than nine (9) inches.
  • Unpaved Parking: Vehicles parked on any surface other than asphalt or concrete are a violation. Vehicles include: cars, trucks, motor homes, campers, boats, trailers, snowmobiles, ATVs and all other recreational vehicles. The Fire Department enforces long-term need for asphalt or concrete parking areas, including need for additional parking areas based on actual use. Non-permanent materials such as class five or landscape rocks are not acceptable as hard surfaces.
  • Address numbers must be present, of contrasting color to the background and a minimum of four inches in height to be visible from street or alley. Alley numbers are required if an alley exists adjacent to property, regardless of whether the property has access (a driveway) to the alley.
  • Peeling paint on areas in excess of approximately 25% of the surface.