Applying for a New Rental License- TRANSFER License

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Applying for a New Rental License- TRANSFER License

New rental properties are initially inspected by the City’s Building Official for State and City Code compliance and then are turned over to the Fire Department for licensing. If you are looking for information about a property that is currently licensed, please call the Fire Department at (763) 706-8156.

Initial Inspection

  1. Download the Community Development’s Initial Rental Inspection Application here.
  2. Fill out the Initial Rental Inspection Application and submit it, along with the inspection fee, to the Community Development Department.
  3. Contact the City of Columbia Heights Community Development Department at 763-706-3670 to set up an initial inspection of the interior and the exterior of the new rental property.
  4. An initial inspection will be performed and any violations found will need to be corrected in order to proceed with the licensing process. A copy of the Building Department's Initial Rental Property Inspection checklist can be found here.
  5. Once the property is found compliant with codes, proof of inspection compliance will be issued to the owner.

Initial Licensing 
Applications for licensing will NOT be accepted without proof of inspection compliance.

  1. Once your property is code compliant and you have received the proof of inspection compliance, Fire Department Rental Property License Application for a new Rental property.
  2. Call the Fire Department Inspection Office at (763) 706-8156 to get the current fee schedule for your property’s new rental license.
  3. Submit the proof of inspection compliance, application, and fees to the Fire Department and your initial license will be issued. NO APPLICATIONS will be accepted without all of the listed information.
  4. You CANNOT put tenants in your rental unit until this paperwork has been completed.
Transfer License --Transfer licenses should be made within 10 (TEN) days of purchase.  Please fill out the initial Property License Application, above and submit with the $25 transfer fee.

Limited Liability Corporations (LLC); you will need to provide an actual Officer of the LLC’s name, address and phone number on the application as well as a copy of your Articles of Incorporation. 

Payment for the license fees can be made in person at the inspection office or by mailing a check made out to the City of Columbia Heights for the appropriate amount along with the completed & signed license application and proof of inspection compliance to: 

Columbia Heights Fire Dept.
ATTN: Inspection Office 
825 41st Ave NE 
Columbia Heights, MN 55421