Planning & Zoning

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Planning and Zoning

The Community Development Division establishes short and long-term land-use planning for the City by working with development proposals and the Planning Commission. Community Development staff members also interpret and enforce the Zoning Code, Design Guidelines, and Sign Code, as well as the Subdivision Ordinance, and implement the Comprehensive Plan, which guides land use, zoning, transportation, and community facility improvements or anticipated changes. 

Planning Commission 
The Planning Commission prepares and maintains the Comprehensive Plan for the physical development of the City. The Commission also serves as the Board of Appeals and Adjustments of Variance and Appeal Cases and acts as an advisory board to the City Council on matters pertaining to Conditional Use Permit applications and zoning amendments and appeals. 

Land Use Application Forms 
The following forms are required for any land use request in the city. Application Deadlines are generally on the first business day of the month. 

2024 Application Deadline Table

For more information, contact the City Planner at (763) 706-3673