Grand Central Flats
Property Address:  1069 Grandview Court NE, Columbia Heights, MN 55421
4729 Grand Avenue NE, Columbia Heights, MN 55421
Applicant: Dominium, Inc. - Owen Metz
Contact Information:     Ph: 763-354-5656
Application Request:    Site Plan Review
Description: The applicant, Dominium, has made a request for Site Plan Review with a waiver to a certain standard
of the Zoning Code, to the City of Columbia Heights, for the properties located at 1069 Grandview Way and 4729 
Grand Avenue (Subject Properties).  The applicant is requesting approval of the proposed Site Plan in order
to allow for 148 apartment units divided between the two buildings, with (one) three story building containing 
60 units, and (one) four story building with 88 units.   
Status: Approved October 9th, 2017
Related Documents: Application Packet
20170901_GCFlats_Pic for DP