Citywide Garage Sale


Citywide Garage Sale

The City of Columbia Heights will be hosting the 2nd annual Citywide Garage Sale on Sat, June 23. All residents are highly encouraged to participate in this one day event. This is a great opportunity for residents to clear out any unwanted stuff, help neighbors find one-of-a-kind deals, or just get outside and walk around.  More than 70 people registered this year!

Garage Sale Map
Citywide Garage Sale maps are available at all municipal buildings or for download here. This is also the first time the City of Columbia Heights has offered an interactive online map that includes item categories with details on what will be sold where. If you would like to download an interactive map with all registered garage sale participants, and obtain directions to each garage sale, click here.  If you would like to download a printable map, go here

Safety Tips for Your Garage Sale
 • Lock all the doors to your home and do not allow anyone into your house to use your bathroom or to try on any clothing  
 • Keep all money and loose change on you at all times – not in a lockbox where it could be left unattended.
 • Keep your most valuable items near you so you can keep a close eye on them.
 • Acknowledge everyone who comes to your sale but do not answer any questions about alarm systems, security, or daytime/nighttime occupancy.
 • Keep your cell phone on you at all times. 
 • Use general caution. The City of Columbia Heights is not liable for stolen or damaged items or injuries sustained during a garage sale as part of this event. In case of an emergency, call 911.  

Registration for the Citywide Garage Sale concluded on Fri, June 8. Even if you missed the deadline to register, you are still encouraged to host a garage sale on that date. It just won't be included on the Citywide Garage Sale map. Please contact Jodi Griffin at 763-706-3672 for any questions.