Hy-Vee Property Development Update


Major Development Update for the Hy-Vee Property on Central Ave 
The revitalization of the site located at 4300 Central Ave NE has long been a priority for the City. This year, staff worked with the development company Alatus to negotiate a deal to purchase the 13 acres of property from Hy-Vee to build a mixed-use development project that, if approved, would be the biggest development project in Columbia Heights in 100 years. Alatus extended an opportunity to both Hy-Vee and Ace Hardware to be folded into the project, but it’s too soon to say how those conversations will play out. Alatus became interested in the property and its potential after working with the City on the 40th Ave City Hall project. The company sees this as a way to build on the investment it has already made in the City, said Aaron Chirpich, community development director. The City and EDA are looking to establish a tax-increment financing district for the project. 

Though subject to change, the initial proposal includes:  
  • Between 20-60,000 square-feet of retail space anchored by a grocery store on the east side.
  • 400-600 market-rate apartments on the east side above the retail space
  • A substantial City park/public open space amenity at the center of the development
  • Significant upgrades to area infrastructure for storm water and sanitary sewer utilities 
  • A low density, single family housing development on the west side of the property  
  • Underground parking
  • Environmentally sustainable amenities, such as solar panels, rain gardens, and high efficiency heat/cooling
The City will seek public feedback on the project as plans move forward. The City is particularly interested in public input on the park portion of the project, which will constitute a new City park in an area that otherwise doesn’t have one. The project has the potential to grow the City’s tax base considerably, Chirpich said, and continue the City’s goal of revitalizing Central Ave into a thriving business district. It could also attract future investments from other developers. Keep an eye on www.columbiaheightsmn.gov/development for updates.