Public Works Looks to Plant 210 Trees in 2020


Public Works Looks to Plant 210 Trees in 2020
A year after planting 110 trees throughout the City of Columbia Heights, the Columbia Heights Public Works Department looks to plant 210 trees in 2020. The increase in tree planting is due to the new bare-root tree-gravel bed, which was donated by the Columbia Heights Lions Club.

"Bare-root trees are the most economical and eco-friendly type of tree to plant, avoiding the cost and energy consumption associated with shipping large amounts of soil," said Urban Forestry Specialist Liam Genter. "The community gravel bed will allow us to plant more trees each year, and will also improve the survival rate of the trees we plant, meaning more canopy coverage overall in the urban forest."

The irrigation system will be completed shortly with the expectation of 210 trees arriving in May. The trees will remain in the gravel bed all summer and be planted in the fall. This change in the planting plan will ensure the trees receive adequate watering for their first growing season and help guarantee their survival.

The City seeks to increase the diversity of the urban forest to enhance its resiliency. Species diversity is the only true defense against introduced pests like the Emerald Ash Borer or the fungus that causes Dutch Elm Disease.

The gravel bed is located at the Columbia Heights Public Works building at 637 38th Ave NE.

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