Pet License Requirement Removed from City Code


The Columbia Heights City Council recently adopted Ordinance No. 1658 to update the previous animal ordinance for managing domestic animals. This includes eliminating the licensing requirement for cats and dogs but still requiring the objectives of the license (vaccination and display of owner information on the collar) in the Ordinance.

The update also establishes a limit on the number of cats and dogs permitted per family dwelling unit. No household can have more than three dogs or more than three cats, or a combination of more than five animals exceeding six months of age in the family dwelling unit or on the family premises.

The Police Department also recommended that the City Council adopt the provisions of MN State Statutes as it relates to the handling of dangerous dogs.

A printed copy of the entire text of the Ordinance is available for inspection by any person during City Hall hours, or by standard or electronic mail. It can also be found online at

Other Pet Reminders
Pick-Up After Your Pets: We know it’s gross to pick up pet waste, but it’s even grosser not to. In fact, it’s a heath risk to both pets and people, especially children. Pet waste is full of bacteria that can make humans and animals sick. This gets into water runoff untreated and pollutes nearby waterways. On top of that, it’s also an eyesore and absolutely no fun to step in. Picking up after your pets is the neighborly thing to do.

Keep Pets On Leash: City Code requires pets remain on leash at all times in parks and other public spaces, unless those spaces are clearly designated as off-leash.