City Council Votes to Locate New City Hall at 3989 Central Ave


City Council Votes 5-0 to Locate New City Hall at 3989 Central Ave
The Columbia Heights City Council voted Sept 23 at its regular meeting to authorize the establishment of a new, 20,000 square-feet City Hall as part of a vertical mixed-use development at 3989 Central Ave.

The City Hall will be owned by the City, like a condo, though it will be part of a larger private development. Construction and development timelines have yet to be determined. 

For preliminary site plans, cost-comparisons, and further details, go here

In the spring of 2019, the Minneapolis development firm Alatus LLC emerged as the City’s preferred partner for the redevelopment of the 3989 Central Avenue NE site. The current mixed-use concept plan proposed by Alatus for the site includes the development of approximately 266 luxury apartments, 3,500 square feet of retail, and 20,000 square feet of office space. Shortly after selection as the City’s preferred partner, Alatus approached City staff and the Council to gauge interest on a public-private partnership that would program a new City Hall space into their Central Avenue project.

Within the initial concept layout provided by Alatus, the new City Hall would occupy 20,000 square feet of office space located on the first floor. In response to the inquiry by Alatus, staff was directed to work with the Alatus development team to further refine their plans so that a more fully developed concept plan could be vetted in the future. Alatus was directed by the Council to prove to the City that a functional layout could be achieved on the site in a cost-effective manner.   

In review of the draft site plan, preliminary budget, and pros and cons analysis, staff believed that the City should move forward and partner with Alatus to locate a new City Hall at 3989 Central Avenue, and made that recommendation at Monday's meeting. Locating City Hall within the Alatus development has the potential to save the City more than $5 million when compared to the preferred stand-alone option near Murzyn Hall.