Bulk Recycling Information


The melting snow is uncovering a lot of junk (furniture, mattresses, carpet, electronics, appliances, etc.) on some properties.  The City’s full service refuse system can handle most of it, but property owners and/or residents are reminded they need to call the City’s designated hauler, Waste Management, at 1-888-960-0008 to schedule these special collections.  In addition, never put anything outside more than 24 hours from the scheduled collection day.

Bulk (Furniture, Mattresses, Carpet) Collection
To ensure timely pickup of bulky items such as furniture, carpet and mattresses call the hauler at 1-888-960-0008 to arrange for collection before placing them outside. Items must have come from the property. Please try to sell, donate or recycle the items first, www.anokacounty.us/recycle.  Items are picked up within 2.5 working days after scheduling at no charge for apartment buildings, households with a 90 gallon cart, and senior rate households.     

CURBSIDE BULK RECYCLING is coming soon to Columbia Heights.  More information will follow this summer.

Computers/Electronics Recycling
Electronics must be properly disposed of due to the hazardous nature of the material. Call the hauler at 1-888-960-0008 to schedule a pickup. A flat $20 pickup fee will be charged.  The items collected are unlimited, but must have come from the property where scheduled. The City pays for disposal and items are collected once a month.  Drop-off locations are listed at www.anokacounty.us/recycle and may charge a fee.

Appliance Recycling
Call the hauler at 1-888-960-0008 to arrange for a pickup at your home. Please empty freezers and refrigerators and remove doors. Each property is offered one free appliance pickup per calendar year.  Items must have come from the property where scheduled.  Items are collected once a week.  Drop-off locations are listed at www.anokacounty.us/recycle and may charge a fee.

FREE Columbia Heights Recycling/Drop-Off Center for area residents and businesses
Location and hours:  Madison Street and 38th Place NE, Saturdays 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., closed most holidays

Items accepted:

• Metal containers

• Paper and cardboard

• Fluorescent bulbs

• Aluminum cans

• Used oil and oil filters

• Antifreeze

• Glass and plastic (#1-7) containers

• Household batteries

• String lights

 • ANY SCRAP METAL ITEMS:  Bring household and garage metal items to the Columbia Heights Recycling Center. Bring anything
    that is mostly metal to the scrap metal bin, free of charge. This includes items such as patio chairs and tables, lamps, stands, pots,
    pans, grills, plant hangers, rods, buckets, tools, fencing, and yard equipment.

 • TIRES:  Leave old tires at the store when purchasing new ones.    Only residents may bring four car or light truck tires per year.
    Tires MUST be off the rims.


 Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)
Some household products are hazardous and should not be placed in the garbage. Take unneeded paint, cleaners, automotive fluids, fluorescent bulbs and garden products to the Anoka County Household Hazardous Waste Facility, 3230 101st Avenue NE in Blaine. There is no charge to use the facility. Proof of residency is required. For more information contact Anoka County Recycling & Resource Solutions, (763) 324-3400 or www.AnokaCounty.us/recycle.

Tree Waste
Anoka County tree waste drop-off site:   (763) 324-3400.

Waste Management Customer Service: 1-888-960-0008 or www.wm.com/us/customer-support.

City of Columbia Heights Public Works Department: 763-706-3700 or https://www.columbiaheightsmn.gov/departments/public_works/ask_a_question_report_a_problem.php.