Sustainable Party Planning


Sustainable Party Planning
If you’re organizing a party at home for the Super bowl to cheer on your favorite team, the Olympics or March Madness, be sure to make it a green gathering.  It’s easier than you think. 

Purchase recyclable and compostable supplies (bags, tableware, etc.) and provide collection bins near where your guests congregate for recycling, garbage and organics for composting.  Organics can be brought to either of the Anoka County drop-off locations at the compost sites or to a municipal drop-off.  For information on where to bring organics and how to get started go to:

If you need bins for a larger crowd, Anoka County Recycling & Resource Solutions has bins available to check out, contact them at 763-324-3400. 

Help your guests avoid waste by using reusable dishes, cups, silverware, decorations and signs.  For appetizers use small reusable plates and wood toothpicks which can be put into the organics bin. 

Not all of us routinely prepare big meals like our grandmothers did for a big crowd.  Make meal planning easy to make certain you prepare just the right amount for your guests.  There are some great tools available, check out:


  1. Avoid packaging by purchasing snacks in bulk instead of individually wrapped products.
  2. Always ask for recycling if you don’t see it and if you host an event, be sure to provide recycling opportunities.
  3. Whether you're hosting a community event or a small party, there are plenty of ways to make sure it is a green event.
  4. If you need recycling bins for your upcoming event, contact your county for options and make recycling extra easy.
  5. The Recycling Association of Minnesota offers a Borrow-a-Bin program for events. Make it easy for guests to recycle!
  6.  You could use a Master Recycler to help with your event.  Learn more!
  7. Use these ideas to get the most out of your party while impacting the environment the least.
  8. Reduce waste from wedding invitations or register for experiential gifts. More green tips for getting hitched on The Knot!
  9. Winter in Minnesota has tons of outdoor sporting events. No matter if you’re at the stadium or the park, recycle!
  10. The National Sports Center in Blaine is the world’s largest amateur sports facility. It uses Master Recyclers!
  11. US Bank Stadium has taken lots of effort to LEED.  Read more about this great facility.
  12. How can you make sure that you and those around you recycle no matter where you are? Know what to throw!
  13. Whether you’re going to a friend’s home or hosting a viewing party of your own, look for recycling options and go green.
  14. Consider tapping into the sharing economy for your gathering by borrowing decorations or purchasing reused.
  15. Have you hosted a green event? Tell us about it and share your hints and tips.