2020 Presidential Primary



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The process to select major-party presidential candidates will look different in Minnesota in 2020. Instead of caucus straw polls, the state will hold a presidential nomination primary election on Tuesday, March 3. This will be Minnesota's first presidential primary since 1992. 

Voters must select one major political party, and will vote for the candidate they want to represent the party in the 2020 presidential election.

What You Need to Know:
  • You will be able to absentee vote (in-person or by mail) or on Election Day (March 3). Early voting begins on January 17.
  • When you vote, you must select a party as each party has a separate ballot. 
  • Only the Democratic-Farmer-Labor and Republican parties are participating
  • Absentee voters will select a party on their absentee voting application. Election Day voters will select a party on the poll book.
  • How you voted will not be shared with anyone, and the party you select will not be tied to your voter registration. The chair of each major political party will receive a list of who voted in the primary and what party they voted for.

What's on the Ballot?
  • President is the only office included.

What happens after the Primary?
  • Party delegates will go to a national convention where a final candidate is nominated.
  • Parties must use the presidential primary results to choose the delegates.
  • Each party handles delegate elections according to their party rules.

Will there still be Precinct Caucuses?
  • Yes. Precinct caucuses will still be held February 25th for all other elected officials and to conduct other party business.
  • The presidential primary replaces the presidential straw poll that used to be held during the precinct caucus. 

Visit the Secretary of State's website to learn more