Comprehensive Plan


Comp Plan Cover_thumbA Comprehensive Plan implements a community’s long-range vision for the future. This includes multiple aspects of how the City evolves and supports its residents in areas such as transportation, development, water systems, housing, parks and trails, and the overall vitality of the City. The plan also serves as a guide for elected officials to use when making decisions. A large effort goes into the planning process to create the document making it a trusted and key resource for the community to draw upon when facing issues such as redevelopment or locating a new park. 

The document also functions as a legal foundation for rules and regulations adopted by the community, such as the zoning ordinance and subdivision regulations.  The Comprehensive Plan has the power to influence the zoning code and improve land uses to fit the community’s changing needs.  In order to create the document the community is fully engaged from the public to City staff and commissions. 

To plan effectively the City needs a clear and comprehensive understanding of current conditions and an understanding of how current conditions came to be (influences) and understand rational future projections (trends). Community planning within the Comprehensive Plan is a systematic, ongoing, forward-looking process of analysis of opportunities and constraints, for the purpose of formulating a plan to accomplish the community’s goals and objectives.

You may download a copy of the Comprehensive Plan here.  Hard copies are also available upon request at City Hall.

Note: This is an extremely large file and may take a long time to download!