Description :

Essential Job Functions:
Administrative, supervisory, and general duty firefighting work in assisting the Fire Chief in the administration of the Fire Department.  Work involves managing various programs within the Fire Department, including fire protection plan review, fire investigation, juvenile fire setter intervention, community fire safety programs as assigned by the Chief.  Conducts research of code issues in coordination with the fire department fire inspection and property maintenance inspection staff.    Work involves planning, coordination, and supervision of fire department activities and employees.  Work is performed with considerable independence, under the general supervision of the Fire Chief.

Required Qualifications:
High School graduate or equivalent.   Valid Minnesota Class B drivers license or ability to secure one within six months of employment.  Satisfactory driving record.  EMT Certification.  Six years’ experience performing a variety of firefighting functions, including some supervisory/command experience. Fire Inspector I and II.

Desired Qualifications:
More than six years responsible experience in firefighting, performing a variety of firefighting functions.   Associate degree in fire protection, emergency management, or related field.

Physical Requirements:    
Normal vision with corrective lenses and near and far acuity.  Normal hearing level.  Ability to lift 100 pounds or more.  Ability to walk or crawl while carrying or lifting.  Ability to ascend or descend stairs or ladders, steady oneself, and to keep from falling.  Capability of reaching (extend the hands or arms in any direction); handling (seizing, holding, grasping, turning, or otherwise working with the hands) fingering (picking, pinching, or otherwise working with the fingers); and feeling (perceiving attributes of objects such as size, shape, temperature, or texture by means of receptors in skin, particularly those of the fingertips).  Capability of applying a leg lock with either leg upon a ground ladder to provide a safe anchor when operating hose lines or performing rescue work.  Ability to perform duties within the scope of the physical and environmental job factors required in the position.

Salary Range:    $7,296 - $8,535 per month plus benefits.

Contact :
Application Procedure:     
City applications are available from the City Hall Information Window, by downloading from  or by e-mailing or calling Nancy Becker at  or (763)706-3606. Position is open until filled. A City application MUST be completed and returned to the Human Resources Manager, City of Columbia Heights, 590 40th Avenue NE, Columbia Heights, MN 55421 or . Priority will be given to applications received by 4:30pm Monday, October 21, 2019.   Applicants may submit any other data they feel is pertinent to their consideration. Resumes will be accepted in addition to, but not in lieu of, a City application.

Required:  Employment Application
Job Posting: Assistant Fire Chief

Selection Procedure:

Applicants will be evaluated on the following criteria
50%  Experience & Training Rating
50%  Oral Interview
Pass/Fail   In-Box Exercise
Closing Date:    
Position is open until filled. Priority will be given to applications received by 4:30 pm on Monday, October 21, 2019.

The City of Columbia Heights does not discriminate on the basis of
disability in employment or the provision of services.

Deadline for Applying : Open until filled