Move-In Form

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Move-In Request (Purchasing a Home)

This form is used to notify the Utility Billing staff of an upcoming purchase of a property in Columbia Heights. This form is only for owners of the property. Tenants are not allowed to set up services with the City. After receiving your first bill in the mail, please visit our new customer portal here to view your account information, sign up for e-bills and set up your payment options.


Garbage Can Size Options
32 Gallon  64 Gallon (Best Value) 96 Gallon (Unlimited)
Household Size: 1-2 people Household Size: 3-4 people Household Size: 5-plus people
2-3 kitchen-size 13-gallon trash bags 4-5 kitchen-size 13-gallon trash bags 6-7 kitchen-size 13-gallon trash bags