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On this page, you will find information regarding what can be placed in your organics and recycling carts. (To translate this page into another language, please click translate, which is located at the top of this page.)

Organics Carts

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Refuse Carts

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Information for Organics Carts

What are organics?

Organics are natural materials that completely break down to make compost. They include all food scraps, most non-recyclable and food-soiled paper, and BPI-certified compostable products. Organics make up 25-35% of what we throw away. Those materials can be separated for composting and recycled into compost instead of being landfilled.

•  Dairy productsEgg shells - Copy
•  Bread, pasta, and cereal 
•  Coffee grounds and filters
•  Eggs, eggshells, paper egg cartons
•  Meat, poultry, and fish (including bones)
•  Paper towel and toilet paper cores
•  Fruits, vegetables, peels, pits, and rinds
•  Delivery pizza boxes
•  Houseplant trimmings
•  Paper towels, napkins, and tissues
• BPI-certified compostable products: bags, paper plates, cups, and utensils

Not Accepted:
•  Plastic of any kind: 
    - K-cups, Styrofoam®, straws GlassBottlesGreenBrown-recycling - Copy
    - stickers on produce
•  Glass of any kind
•  Metal of any kind:
    - Twist ties, aluminum foil
•  All coated paper products:
    - Fast food cups, wrappers, or boxes
    - Refrigerator or freezer food boxes
    - Milk or other beverage cartons
    - Candy wrappers
•  Wax paper or parchment paper
•  Diapers, diaper wipes, sanitary products
•  Litter or pet waste

Information for Recycling Carts

Do not include items that cause issues for the recycling sorting facilities such as plastic bags, household batteries, scrap metal (including chains), string lights, cardboard boxes, and Styrofoam. Those items can be brought to the free Columbia Heights Recycling Center. Place recyclables loose in your recycling cart or in a paper bag. No plastic bags.

(clean, staples OK)toilet paper roll
• Mail, office & school papers
• Magazines & catalogs
• Newspapers & inserts
• Phone books
• Toilet paper & paper towel cores

• Cardboard
• Cereal, cracker & pasta boxes
• Shoe, gift & electronic boxes
• Toothpaste & other topaper_8589_lg - Copyiletry boxes
• Tissue boxes

(empty, labels OK, no caps)
• Food & beverage bottles & jars

(empty, labels OK)
• Food & beverage cans

Plastic Bottles & Jugs 
Plastics #1, 2 & 5
(empty, rinse, caps on, no pumps)
• Water, soda & juicePlastic-Jugs bottles
• Milk & juice jugs
• Ketchup & salad dressing bottles 
• Shampoo, soap & lotion bottles
• Laundry containers

Plastic Cups & Containers
Plastics #1, 2 & 5 
(empty, rinse, lids on if same number)
• Yogurt, pudding & fruit cups
• Clear plastic cups & produce containers
• Margarine, cottage Cartonscheese, cream cheese, other tubs & lids

(empty, rinse, caps on)
• Milk cartons
• Juice cartons
• Juice boxes 
• Soup, broth & wine cartons

Leave these out since they...
Damage Equipment, Harm Workers, and Are Not Recyclable
•  Plastic bags        
•  Batteries        
•  Black plastics
•  Ropes, hoses, chains    
•  Medical sharps        
•  Foil pouches, bags, wrappers
•  Bulky items        
•  Hazardous products 
•  Plastic straws & utensils

Information for Refuse Carts

Do not include:
•  Hazardous waste (Bring to the free Household Hazardous Waste Facility)
•  Tires (bring to the free Columbia Heights Recycling Center)
•  Yard waste (picked up off the curb in bags and bundles during the season)
•  Bulky items such as electronics, mattresses, and appliances (contact Public Works to schedule a pick-up)

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