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Columbia Heights offers a single-sort recycling service. 

Recycling should be placed in the same location as refuse for collection. Recycling is collected every other week on the same day as refuse. See the Refuse and Recycling Schedule for collection days in your area. 

Trucks with mechanical arms are used to collect trash and recycling.  Residents should place carts out where the arm can reach it and allow some space between the carts.  Refuse pads are a convenient way to accomplish this and the City will add these, by request, to the annual concrete work schedule.  Contact Public Works for specifications and pricing.  

Please do not place recycling materials in plastic bags; dump the items loosely in the cart or use paper bags.  Plastic bags cause problems with the sorting system at the processing plant.  Be sure to rinse out cans, bottles and containers.

If you have been missed on the collection route first contact Walters Recycling and Refuse at or 763-780-8464.  For other service issues please fill out  the customer support form. 

Households can exchange the 64-gallon recycling cart for a 96-gallon recycling cart for the same flat rate.  Submit request online  or call 763-706-3727 (automated line).   

Multi-dwelling Recycling

The cost to dispose of garbage has increased significantly in Anoka County.  The more reusable material that is placed in the recycling bin lowers the tons of solid waste paid for at disposal.  Owners/Managers are encouraged to order additional recycling containers (for no added cost) and inform tenants of the increased recycling opportunity.  The carts have labels on top of the lids describing what can be recycled.  It is best to have a building caretaker check the containers prior to collection day to ensure garbage was not placed in them, as they cannot be emptied if trash is present.  Please encourage tenants to recycle.  Recycling flyers are available in multiple languages at the Public Works Department located at 637 38th Avenue; or call (763) 706-3700 to request additional recycling containers and promotion materials.  We also have apartment recycling baskets tenants can use to help separate recycling and carry to the recycling cart outside.  An onsite recycling review is requested when delivering the apartment kits.

Recycle and Re-use Opportunity
Visit the Anoka County Recycling and Disposal Directory for a comprehensive list of materials and items that can be recycled or re-used, such as used motor oil, aluminum cans, propane tanks, cardboard, plastic bottles, clothing, and fluorescent bulbs. For each directory item there is a list of places in or near Anoka County where residents can go to recycle items free of charge or for a small fee. 

For more information on recycling visit the web page provided by the Solid Waste Management Coordinating Board (SWMCB) in the Twin Cities metro area for the counties of Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey and Washington.

Recycling Volunteerism
Recycling is a community activity that needs volunteers at City events to provide education at the City recycling booth, monitor refuse stations, and for recycling promotion campaigns.  Volunteers are also needed at the Recycling Center.  Please contact local service organizations such as the Kiwanis Club or HeightsNext for more information.