Frozen Water Service


Frozen Water Service
Frozen Water Service Lines
During extreme frost conditions it is possible for homeowners to experience issues with frozen water service lines.  If the water line freezes, you will be without water.  Property owners are responsible for the water service line from the meter in the house to the main out in the street. Thawing frozen service lines and plumbing can be costly.  Frost is pushed lower into the ground as the weather warms up, so the risk of frozen service lines can continue until March or April.  However, there are steps you can take to keep water lines from freezing.

Property owners are responsible for thawing frozen water service lines.  Due to the risk of fire and/or property damage, the City does not recommend the use of an electric welder.

Frozen Water in Internal Pipes
If internal pipes have frozen, the property owner should attempt to get heat into the affected area by opening doors to crawl spaces, closets, cabinets, and cupboards, and sealing off the cold air source that caused the plumbing to freeze.  If you're unable to thaw the plumbing, contact a plumber to assist you.  If your plumbing is leaking and you are not able to shut off the water supply, contact the City and we will attempt to turn off your curb stop.