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Neighborhood Watch is one of the most effective means available for keeping crime out of our neighborhoods. It relies on the best crime fighting tool ever invented—a good neighbor.

When neighbors work together with the Columbia Heights Police Department (CHPD), it creates the best crime fighting team around. Be a good neighbor and make our community safer from criminals by participating in Neighborhood Watch. It can be the basis for an ongoing dialogue and cooperative relationship with the CHPD and other City departments.

Neighborhood Crime Watch
Started in 1972 by the National Sheriff’s Organization, Neighborhood Watch is the cornerstone of all crime prevention programs. It enlists the active participation of residents, in cooperation with police, to reduce crimes in the community.

Why Neighborhood Watch?
The CHPD cannot have an officer on every corner, so involvement from residents is essential in preventing crime.
The more you know about crime, the better you’ll be able to recognize suspicious activity in your neighborhood and report it by calling 911. That gives police the opportunity to check out what may or may not be a crime and perhaps prevent a criminal from making another victim in our community. Neighborhood Watch also gives the CHPD the opportunity to answer your questions and learn about your concerns so we may serve you better.

Starting a Neighborhood Watch
To begin, work with the CHPD to arrange an introduction meeting between neighbors and the CHPD. The CHPD will talk about crime in Columbia Heights, how local criminals operate, what to recognize as suspicious, how to use 911, how to protect yourself and your home, and what a difference Neighborhood Watch can make. Please contact Officer Andy Museus at 763-706-8110.

Block Captain Responsibilities
Neighborhood Watch block captains are responsible for keeping up-to-date block maps, distributing meeting information, encouraging attendance, and organizing National Night Out and any other social gatherings. If desired, block captains can schedule business meetings with the Columbia Heights Police.

Get To Know Your Muslim Neighbor
CHPD CSO Zahra Almosowi gives a "Get to Know Your Muslim Neighbor"  presention at our Neighborhood Watch Bock Leader Training on 5/3/2017.  Call 763-706-8100 with any questions about our Neighborhood Watch Program.

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