Crime Prevention


Crime Prevention

Package Theft Prevention
As residents start ordering online for the holidays, package theft will become a concern. We have compiled some information to reduce package theft, available here.

Tips and Techniques to Keep You from Being a Victim
Officer Noll shares some of his experience gained from being a police officer for 11 years. The tips relate to person on person crimes (robbery, assaults and thefts). The article is available here.

Video from CHPD about door security and deadbolt locks
COP Officer Museus teams up with Patrol Officer Nightingale to talk about deadbolt locks. In this video the Officer Nightingale shows some simple but effective tips on increasing door security. Check out the video here.

What is Suspicious Activity?

The CHPD has made many arrests and solved several crimes as a result of 911 calls from its citizens.  Patrol officers count on residents’ eyes and ears to help identify things that are out of place.  Residents are encouraged to call 911 when they witness suspicious activity.  The CHPD has a strong Neighborhood Watch Program with over 160 organized blocks.  The program offers resources for citizens to address things like suspicious activity.  For a helpful guide on what is suspicious and how to report it click here.

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Reported Scams

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