Human Trafficking


Human Trafficking
Human trafficking is occurring in Anoka County. The Columbia Heights Police Department and its Multi-Cultural Advisory Committee held a virtual public forum on human trafficking, Feb 23, 2021. Watch a recording of the forum, and find other resources, below: 

Speakers in this forum include: ACSO Detective Mike Schantzen, 763-324-5220, Laura Newton, Family Services Program Director, Minneapolis American Indian Center, 612-879-1700, Heidi Kopischke, Shelter and Supportive Services Coordinator, Alexandra House, 763-780-2332, Bukola Oriola, The Enitan Story, 763-273-6624.

What Is Sex Trafficking?
  • Sex trafficking is modern day slavery
  • Traffickers frequently use force, fraud, and coercion to lure their victims into sexual exploitation
  • Traffickers force their victims to perform sexual acts in exchange for money or other items of value
  • It includes any transportation for purposes of prostitution, housing victims or renting room/facility for purposes of prostitution, recruiting others and soliciting customers for prostitution, and receiving profits from prostitution
  • Sex trafficking is going on right here in Anoka County
What Is Labor Trafficking?
  • A form of modern day slavery
  • Includes debt bondage, forced labor, involuntary child labor, etc.
  • Aiding and abetting visa fraud
  • Labor trafficking is going on right here in Anoka County
More Information and Resources
Important Contact Info
  • Alexandra House: For safe, confidential, and free services please call the 24-hour Help/TTY line at (763) 780-2330 or toll-free at 888-780-2332 
  • MN Indian Women’s Resource Center: Contact the Resource Center at (763) 728-2000 or online at
  • Contact the MIWRC Sexual Assault Coalition at  
  • Indigenous Women’s Life Net: Contact via phone at (763) 290-2353 or online at 
  • STRONGHEARTS Native Helpline: Contact at 1-844-7 NATIVE or 1-844-762-8483. Also online at 
  • The Enitan Story: Contact via phone at (763) 273-6624, via email at, or online at
  • Local Law Enforcement: For Anoka County Residents, you can contact the Sheriff’s Office or your local police department by calling 911 or the non-emergency line at (763) 427-1212.