The Columbia Heights Police Department continues to develop its strength-based approach in meeting the needs of youth. The comprehensive strategy of the Police Department, in collaboration with community partners, is to construct a holistic framework that better connects youth to family, school, community, and pro-social behaviors while simultaneously reducing the harm caused by juvenile offenders.
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As part of our annual strategic planning, the Columbia Heights Police Department continues to focus efforts on building connections with the community’s youth. Youth outreach is a vital component to reducing crime in the city. Prevention-based and outreach-based programs have proved to be a significant factor in reducing problem behaviors found in those crime-prone ages of 15-24 years old.

About the Program
The Police Department's focus on and commitment to youth outreach has resulted in the development and implementation of the Cops-N-Kids program. Since getting underway, the Cops-N-Kids program has made continued progress in expanding its youth outreach activities, which create opportunities for positive interaction between youth and police.


Some of the successful youth outreach activities led by police officers include:
A weekly two-hour open gym program at the Hylander Community Center
A weekly two-hour open gym program at Columbia Academy which provides multiple activities in a safe and controlled setting
Police hosted 3-on-3 basketball tournament
Reading children’s books to elementary students on a pertinent topic, such as bullying

Teen Academy
The Columbia Heights Police Department’s “Teen Academy” is a two day event designed for students who  have an interest in Law Enforcement as a career, or who just want to know more about law enforcement. The classes are held yearly at the Columbia Heights Police Department and cover the following:

1. Law Enforcement Opportunities (Patrol, Investigations, Community Service Officer, etc.)
2. Law enforcement Drone demonstration
3. Face2Face role playing
4. LaserShot training program
5. Interactive, hands-on learning
6. Use of force discussion
7. Congratulations and social with all participants and the Chief.

Please follow our social media accounts and website for more information on the 2021 Columbia Heights Police Department’s “Teen Academy” later next year.

Additional Information

To learn more about the Cops-N-Kids program in your community contact the Columbia Heights Police Department at (763) 706-8100.