Roll Call, a CHPD Podcast


Roll Call, a CHPD Podcast 
Launched in March, 2021, Roll Call is a bi-monthly Columbia Heights Police Department podcast featuring CHPD officers and other City employees as they discuss law enforcement, community policing, and public safety topics with special guests. The show is co-hosted by Officers Mohammed Farah and Darry Jones, with Columbia Heights Communications Coordinator Ben Sandell. Roll Call is recorded and produced in-house.  

Episode 4: Constitution Center Project and Partnership
Join us as we discuss an exciting partnership between the CHPD and the Adult Basic Education Center. Guests Cpt. Matt Markham and Metro North ABE Program Supervisor Kathleen Moriarty discuss their organizations' work with the National Constitution Center to better educate officers and ABE teachers on a range of historical, legal, and enrichment topics about the United States Constitution and the "Rights and Responsibilities of Community and Police" with the goal to improve civic dialogue and build an ABE curriculum that will be offered to ABE students by December. Officers Mohammed Farah and Darry Jones (on his last day with CHPD) co-host with Columbia Heights Communications Coordinator Ben Sandell. Life Newspaper's Paige Kieffer sat in on this one and threw out a few questions of her own.   

Episode 3: Rookie v. Veteran Comparisons
This episode's guests, now retired Sgt. Ted Fischer and new Officer Tony Miller, discuss the process of becoming a police officer now compared to 30 years ago and the differences in technology and training, and share stories about their early experiences. Officers Mohammed Farah and Darry Jones, and Communications Coordinator Ben Sandell, co-host.  

Episode 2: Work-Life Balance and Gender in Policing
This episode's guest, Officer Tabitha Wood, discusses her experiences as a woman on the police force, and officers Darry Jones, Mohammed Farah, and Wood share their thoughts on work-life balance.

Episode 1: Introduction to Our New Podcast and the Chauvin Trial
Join CHPD Officers Mohammed Farah and Darry Jones, with Columbia Heights Communications Coordinator Ben Sandell, as they discuss public safety in light of the Derek Chauvin trial, community policing, and CodeRED with special guest Police Chief Lenny Austin in this CHPD podcast pilot episode.