Renewing a Rental License

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Renewing a Rental License

New Rental Properties please read "Applying for a New Rental License".

Renewal Rental Property Licenses are good for a one-year period. Renewal notices are sent out 30 to 45 days prior to the license expiration.

Prior to the license expiration date, the following must be completed and submitted:
Renewal application
Required inspections must be completed PRIOR to the expiration of the license

Licenses that fail to have any of the above in by the expiration date will be charged a $100 late fee and the license will be presented to the City Council for revocation.

Rental Property Owners that have had two or more licenses revoked will be ineligible to hold or have an interest in a rental license for five years.

2021 Renewal Rental License Fees

1 - 3 Units - $300 per building
4 - 30 Units - $250 per building plus $22 per unit
Over 30 Units - $250 per building plus $22 per unit
Family Exempt - $75 per building
Rental License Transfer Fee – $25
Late Fee – $150
Re-Inspection/Reschedule Fee – $150