DSC01669We're Recruiting:

Paid On-Call Firefighters
Gain rewarding, skills-driven experience as a paid on-call firefighter with the City of Columbia Heights.

Required qualifications:
Applicants must be a high school graduate or equivalent, at least 18 years old, possess a Minnesota driver's license with a satifactory driving record, and live or work within six minutes of a fire station. They must also have an EMT certification or a background in emergency or fire response.  

Wage Range: 
$7.25-14.70 per hour (station duty and drills)
$7.25-17.89 per hour (fire calls)

Application packets are available at the Columbia Heights Public Safety Building, 825 41st Ave NE.

Seasonal Property Maintenance Inspector
To find out more about how to become a seasonal property maintenance inspector at the Fire Department, go here.