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Paid On-Call Firefighters Wanted

The Columbia Heights Fire Department is seeking paid on-call firefighters to join its team. If you’re 18 or older, live close to or within the City borders, and have a valid driver's license, you’re eligible to apply. We’ll also need a phone number and email address. Call 763-706-8150 or stop by the department to pick up an application (825 41st Ave NE). Openings can be found here

On-call firefighters get paid per call and for training, and are eligible for a pension. The City currently has 14 on-call firefighters, but Fire Chief Charlie Thompson hopes to double that number. The more firefighters on-call, the more comprehensive the department’s emergency response can be, which in turn can save lives. 

While being a paid on-call firefighter is a big commitment, it’s also understood that those who join are going to be busy with day jobs and family life and will require flexibility.

“We’re offering training sessions designed to accommodate today's busy individuals as best we can,” said Chief Thompson. “If you want to be a part of a professional and committed close-knit group and you want to do something that gives back to the community, this is a great path.”

Training includes everything from EMT courses to live house burns

Seasonal Property Maintenance Inspector
Every summer, the City of Columbia Heights needs a seasonal property maintenance inspector. To find out more about how to become a seasonal property maintenance inspector at the Fire Department, go here.