Vacant & Abandoned Property Ordinance


Vacant & Abandoned Property Ordinance
Abandoned buildings that are not maintained contribute to the detriment of neighborhoods, increase crime, and diminish property values of a city. For the benefit of the community, the City of Columbia Heights adopted a Vacant and Abandoned Property Ordinance on November 24, 2008. Once deemed abandoned, the Certificate of Occupancy for the property will be revoked. In order for a property to be considered abandoned, it must be vacant and meet one or more of the following criteria:
  • Building has been declared uninhabitable
  • Lack of exterior maintenance per Housing Maintenance Code standards
  • Property abandoned through Section 582.032 Subdivision 2 MN State Statute
  • Reoccurring City Abatement processes
  • Repeated calls for service (police, fire, etc.)
  • Structural damage
  • Utility service shut off pursuant to delinquent billing/payments
  • Vandalized structures

This revocation prohibits the property to be occupied until the property is inspected and passed by the Building Official.

Certificate of Occupancy
In order to get the Certificate of Occupancy reinstated the building must be inspected and all required corrections must be completed. In the instance where minor corrections are required, the Building Official may issue a temporary Certificate of Occupancy allowing the building to be occupied while the corrections are being made. In such case, an escrow agreement will be required as outlined in the ordinance. Please call the Building Inspections Department to set up an inspection at (763) 706-3670.