Informational Brochures


Basement Remodeling / Finishing Permit Requirements
Review detailed information regarding information required for plan review, as well as permits and inspections required.   

Deck Permit Requirements 
Read about setback/open space requirements, general construction requirements, information required for submission of a building permit application, as well as a list to help avoid some of the most common construction mistakes made.    

Do I Need a Permit?
Find useful information regarding what type of work requires a plan review and/or permit application(s) in the City of Columbia Heights.

Electrical Inspections for Homeowners Made Easy
This informational brochure provides a general overview of residential electrical requirements, as well as links to inspection
forms/permits and the state electrical inspections contact.  

Emergency Escapes (egress windows)
Created by the Department of Labor and Industry Construction Codes and Licensing Division, this brochure provides general guidelines for planning emergency escape (egress) windows and window wells.

Fence Permit Information
Obtain answers to general questions regarding approved fence materials, height and set-back requirements for installing a fence in Columbia Heights.

Garages Flyer
Click here for an informational flyer developed by the Department of Labor and Industry Construction Codes and Licensing Division, which provides general information to assist in the planning and construction of a residential garage.     

Garage Permit Requirements
Review detailed requirements regarding the plan review and permit application process involved in planning and constructing a residential garage.

Ice and Water Requirements (Roof)
Find information here regarding ice protection (ice and water barrier) requirements and ice and water barrier information required as part of the permit inspection process.      

Porches Flyer
Review a flyer developed by the Department of Labor and Industry Construction Codes and Licensing Division, which provides general reference information for constructing a porch.  

Required Information to Obtain a Building Permit
New buildings, additions, garages, decks, fences, room/basement additions or finishing....find detailed information here about plan review, required permits and inspections.  

Retaining Wall Permit Requirements
Find out more about the plan review and permit process as well as construction standards for building a retaining wall.

Driveway (Residential) Information
Surfacing materials, setbacks, minimum driveway can find it all here in this informational handout.     

Roofing Permit Requirements
Read about applying for a building permit, permit fees, required inspections and other helpful information. 

Sheds / Storage Buildings
Thinking of constructing a shed or storage building on your property?  Click here for valuable information.  

Sign Permit Information
General sign standards, exempt signs, prohibited here for detailed information. 

Smoke Alarms and Carbon Monoxide Detectors Flyer
Click here to review information regarding MN State Building Code requirements for the installation of smoke alarms in a home.

Swimming Pool Information Sheet
Browse this handout for permit requirements and general requirements for both above ground and underground swimming pools.