Fee Schedule


Fee Schedule

Application Process

Applicants are encouraged to schedule a pre-application meeting with the Zoning Administrator to determine the application requirements for a planning permit. At the meeting the Zoning Administrator will provide you with written information and an explanation of the requirements that your application must meet to receive city approval.  All application fees are due at the time the application is submitted.

Planning & Zoning Fee Schedule
Application Fee
Appeal  $200
Comprehensive Plan Amendment  $1000
Conditional Use Permit (Residential)  $250
Conditional Use Permit (All Others)  $500
Interim Use   $250
Minor Subdivision (Lot Split)   $275
Preliminary Plat  $1000
Planned Unit Development   $2500
Planned Unit Dvlpmnt (Minor Amendment)  $1250
Site Plan (Under 1 Acre)  $500
Site Plan (1 Acre and Over)  $1000
Vacation   $150
Variance (Residential)   $250
Variance (All Others)  $500
Zoning Amendment  $1000
Zoning Letter  $75

Application Deadlines
2020 Application Deadlines Table