Stinson Blvd. Subdivision


Stinson Blvd. Subdivision
 Property Address:  4400 Stinson Blvd. NE, Columbia Heights, MN 55421 
Applicant: Thomas Brama II
Contact Information:     Ph: 612-701-5979
Application Request:    Preliminary & Final Plat
Description: The property owner requested Preliminary and Final Plat approval for the property located
at 4400 Stinson Blvd. NE.  The applicant proposed to remove the existing lot line, and re-plat the property
to result in five single family residential lots.  The applicant is proposing to keep the existing home on one
of the newly created lots and build 4 new single family residential homes on the remaining newly created lots.  
Status: Approved: December 12, 2016
Application Packet